1. The Ride Bio
    The Ride are definitely not the new kids on the block. As a matter of fact they have been tearing up stages from the Valley, to Hollywood, and their own stomping grounds of the south bay, for well over ten years. And it doesn't matter if they are blowing you away with their barrage of original songs, or paying tribute to their musical influences by blasting a cover song. You are going to experience one of the hardest working, tightest bands you will ever hear or see.
  2. The Ride The engines that Drive
    Ben Davis- Drums, percussion, backing vocals. Hailing from Waterloo Iowa, Ben is he consummate professional. It has been said that he looks like a lawyer, but plays like a ruthless criminal. With a brutal pounding and impeccable time keeping, there is no doubt he is the conductor of this runaway train. Bruce "Patch" Braddock- Bass, Lead Vocals. The rolling thunder that is assaulting your nervous system when you see the Ride is more than likely coming from his bass. His vocals are a combination of screams, growls, grunts, and howls. He roams the stage like a caged beast ready to pounce. And wether playing in front of a few close friends, or a crowded club, he is gonna leave it all on the stage. "jammin" Jimmy Fuentes- Lead, rhythm guitars, backing vocals. If Ben is the conductor, and Bruce is the entertainer, Jimmy is without a doubt the virtuoso. He is the true musical genius of the trio. Amazingly well versed, and in control of his instrument. You name it, he can play it. His guitar has become an extension of his being. In other words, he lets the music do his talking, and man, it has a lot to say. When you see Jimmy strangling that neck, bending those strings, or bringing his amps to brink of destruction, it will make you shudder, and also relieved that it is not you he's taking that aggression out on.
  3. Mud for hire
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